Yoshiyuki / Yawara #2, bule

PRODUCT ID 1859-00-27
PRICE 17,600 JPY
MEASUREMENT 45×35×11cm

Vertical tote bag woven by traditional Japanese needle work technique known as “Sashiko Ori” using Mikawa cotton. The bag itself is made of high-quality textile with thick double-layered quilted fabrics for durability used to make “gi”, or Japanese martial arts uniforms mainly for Judo, Kendo and Aikido. It has both features of durability and soft touch to the skin more than appearance. This model has enough depth for various everyday uses and carry handles with perfect length both to carry by hand or shoulder.
The Mikawa region of Aichi prefecture is known for the origins of the Japanese cotton industry. It is especially famous for its unique thick cotton fabrics known as “Sashiko Ori”, adopting traditional reinforcement stitching technique for added durability, in addition to fire resistance, warmth and absorbability, with keeping a soft touch to the skin. Historically used as firemen’s uniforms from the Edo Period to modern times, and has now spread widely as high quality martial arts uniforms.


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